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Driving Lessons - The Adventures of Matt and Marty McCoy by J. M. Gleckler

When Matt McCoy comes home one day to his wife Marty with the idea that they
should embark on a career as long-distance truck drivers, she canít help being
swept up in her romantic notions of life on the open road, her man by her side.
She envisions the two of them seeing the country, having adventures, and staring
up at the stars in the big Wyoming sky.

She comes to find that the roadís a little light on romance and the adventures arenít quite what she expected.

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About J. M. Gleckler

Joan Gleckler grew up in San Antonio, where she graduated from O. W. Holmes High School and then from Trinity University. She has worked in the insurance industry for more than 25 years and now lives in Connecticut. Driving Lessons is her first novel. Sheís working on a second novel, Wish List.

Joan, her husband Jim, and their son Ehren are also AV Wave Productions, an audio and video production company specializing in live gig audio recordings, wedding and special event videos, and tribute videos. Ehren is also a still photographer and is a member of the band X-Ray Mind.